Applying for a divorce is an emotional and sometimes difficult process. We can make it easier.



Whilst applying for a divorce is often a relatively simple process, the assistance of an Accredited Family Law Specialist can be helpful in many different ways. Even if the separation is amicable and are in agreement about the distribution of your assets or parenting, working with a family lawyer can ensure a smooth end to the marriage. Ultimately allowing you both to move forward with your lives.

Where there are disagreements surrounding property, parenting or financial matters, the support and advice we provide can allow you to reach agreement sooner and more smoothly. Unlike many divorce lawyers we focus on finding common ground and reaching agreement outside of the courts, so that ultimately you control the outcome. But sometimes, there is no choice but to settle things in court. And, when this is the case you can be confident that you will receive the best possible representation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my ex get 5050 care of our kids?

The answer is it depends on what is best for your children.

There is no automatic shared time but substantial and significant and shared time is an option that must be considered.

Keys considerations include communication between parents, distance and working arrangements as well as ages of the children.

Can I move away with my kids if I separate?

Any desire to move away from the other parent generally needs to consent of that parent or a court order.

Again the best interests of the children are what determines these issues and a parent who moves without consent will often be forced back by the court until the matter is finally determined.

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