‘I’m different to most family lawyers. I try to help my clients to find a resolution themselves, outside of the courts so that they have control over the outcome.’


Annette Lakey. Principal.

Not your typical Family Lawyer

When you’re going through a separation, divorce, dividing assets or a parenting dispute, the last thing you want is a lawyer who is going to draw the process out.

Unlike most family lawyers, I’m also an accredited mediator. Where possible I work to find a resolution outside of the courts. It is only when this isn’t achievable or realistic, that I will advise you to go to court.

Family law matters by their very nature are traumatic and painful. I see our role as it as helping you navigate the many legal considerations, and ultimately reach the best possible outcome, as quickly as possible.

Over the last 20+ years, I’ve helped thousands of families to reach resolution and move forward with their lives.


I listen and I care. I see it as my role to help you reach the best possible outcome, quickly and cost-effectively, so that you can move forward with your life.


I’ve dedicated over 20 years to helping people resolve all types of family law issues. I’m a qualified family lawyer, mediator and experienced litigator.


My focus is on finding resolution. Where possible I look to achieve this outside of the courts. But when that is the only option, my focus remains the same.


A reasonable fee structure, combined with a focus on resolution, can mean that my services are far more cost-effective than most other family lawyers.

Meet our Founder and Principal

Annette Lakey

I was born and bred in country Victoria and will always be a country girl at heart. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a lawyer and help people. So, after finishing school I moved to the ‘big smoke’ and completed a combined Arts Law degree at Monash University, graduating with Honours in Law.

I spent a few years practicing in regional Victoria, before I moved back to the city to further develop my skills and experience in family law. I was fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the leaders in the field.

I then went on to practice in family law in mid-tier firms in both Brisbane and Melbourne. It was during this time, where I saw many, many families dragged through the courts unnecessarily, that I began to look for more amicable ways to help my clients find resolution. I studied Mediation at Bond University and in 2012 became an Accredited Mediator.

This has allowed me to help many of my clients resolve their issues quickly and amicably, and far more cost-effectively. It allows them to reach agreement and make the decisions, rather than leave it in the hands of the courts. And, it usually means a better outcome for all involved.

In 2015 I established Lakey Law, a full service Family Law and Mediation practice that works to find the best possible outcome for all involved. I also volunteer my time at the Fitzroy Legal Service Family Law Clinic.

Professional Involvement
  • Member of the Law Institue of Victoria Education Committee
  • Member of the Law Institute of Victoria
  • Member of Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia
  • Registered mediator with the Australian Mediation Association.
  • Fitzroy Legal Service Family Law Clinic volunteer

How Can I help?

Separation and Divorce

The advice, support, negotiation and representation you need to get through your separation and divorce as quickly and as amicably as possible.

Parenting agreements

Reach agreement and document parenting arrangements through advice, negotiation, mediation or court representation if need be.

Child support and maintenance

From child support to spousal maintenance and other financial matters…

Financial agreements

From Pre-Nuptial Agreements to Post Separation Agreements – we can help you negotiate and prepare a Financial Agreement at any stage of a relationship.

Property settlement

Finalise a fair property settlement and financial arrangement, quickly and efficiently with advice, mediation, negotiation and representation.

Family disputes

Avoid ugly family, parenting and property disputes by tackling issues through mediation and negotiation over and above litigation.

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