When marriages or defacto relationships breakdown, there is often property such as houses, savings, investments, businesses and superannuation that needs to be divided.

Property Settlements


At Lakey Family Law, we work with our clients to achieve a fair and just distribution of the assets, according to the Family Law Act.

We are strong negotiators.  We aim to ensure our clients obtain the very best outcome possible without being weighed down by exorbitant legal fees so they are able to move on with their lives post separation.

We’ve represented clients in some high profile and complex same sex defacto relationship disputes and is also well versed in these matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I leave the Family home when I separate from my partner, do I lose my rights and can my partner change the locks and exclude me from the house?

If the property is owned by one or both of the parties to the relationship, no rights to a property adjustment under the Family law act are lost.

The partner in occupation has a right to privacy and can change the locks But without an intervention order or an order for sole occupation, the other partner can access the property and if necessary resume cohabitation in the home

Can my partner make a claim on any assets I brung into our relationship?

Normally when a relationship be it defacto or marriage breaks down, all assets of the parties are considered as relevant if Adele are to be divided.

These assets may be able to be protected if the parties enter a Financial Agreement before or during their defacto relationship or marriage

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