We can help you to find a resolution through mediation and negotiation, rather than litigation. To avoid the emotional trauma and ugliness of dragging your family through the court system.

Family Disputes


Mediation can allow you to find a resolution faster and more cost-effectively that the court system. We’ve helped many families to resolve all different types of disputes, from custody arrangements and parenting matters, through to financial and property issues.

The beauty of mediation is that it allows the people involved to make the decisions, rather than leave it in the hands of someone they don’t know.

The team at Lakey Law offer a flexible approach and can conduct mediation in person, over the phone or even skype. We are also able to assist other solicitors and issue a S.60i Certificate if need be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend mediation?

The answer if no if you wish to negotiate only property matters or have already agreed on parenting arrangements.

If either parent wishes to go to court on parenting matters, they do need to obtain a s 60 I certficate from a Family Dispute resolution practitioner than mediation has been attempted or is not appropriate. If the other party refuses to attend then normally a certificate is provided.

Can the mediator draw up the agreement if we reach one at mediation?

Yes but to be legally binding it needs to be converted into a consent order to be filed in the Family Court.

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