The Family Dispute Resolution process

Here in Australia, parents wanting to have a parenting matter heard by the courts must first attempt to reach an agreement through a process known as Family Dispute Resolution. In this video, Principal Annette Lakey explains what’s involved and how the process works.

Gifting money to adult children

It’s not uncommon for parents to give their adult children money to help them buy property. But, in doing so, many are unaware that if their child separates or divorces at some stage in the future, their ex is likely to be entitled to a share… In this video, Joanne Smyers explains how loaning rather than gifting can help safeguard and protect that money.

Child support and spousal maintenance explained

Understandably, one of the first things parents who are separating want to know about is how child support and spousal maintenance work. Often they think they are one and the same. But they are actually very different. Here, Annette Lakey explains how child support and spousal maintenance work.

Collaborative Law explained

The practice of  ‘Collaborative Law’ is relatively new here in Australia but is quickly proving to be an effective alternative to the normal approach taken to finalising property and parenting matters – helping people to find resolution quickly, cost-effectively and a lot more amicably. Here, Annette Lakey explains how it works and who it is suited to.

Divorce when overseas assets are involved

If you’re a citizen of another country, married to someone who is, or have international assets, it adds another layer of considerations to your divorce and separation. In particular, where and how to commence proceedings. Here, Jin Wang talks these through and explains how to determine the best way to proceed.

How to get a divorce

Believe it or not, getting a divorce is a pretty simple and straightforward process… It’s the property settlement and parenting arrangements that can get difficult but are, in fact, separate to your divorce. Here, Annette Lakey and Joanne Smyers explain what’s involved and how to go about getting a divorce.

Defacto relationships and family law

Everyday Australian courts hear disputes about whether or not a de facto relationship existed to determine if a property settlement or application for spousal maintenance can be filed. In this video, Annette Lakey and Joanne Smyers explain how the family courts determine whether or not a de facto relationship existed.

The property settlement process

If you’re newly separated, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to working out who will keep what. In this video, Annette Lakey and Joanne Smyers explain the property settlement process and the options that are available to you.

Parenting arrangements and agreements

When parents separate, typically, their biggest concern is how the separation will affect the kids. Usually, both want what’s best for their children… but sometimes they can have very different ideas about what that looks like. Here Annette Lakey and Joanne Smyers explain the process for finalising parenting arrangements.

Things to do AFTER you separate

The relief of finalising your separation and desire to just get on with life can mean that you forget to take care of some really important details… In this video, Annette takes you through the different things you should do to ensure you can move forward with confidence.

Things to do BEFORE you separate

Separation, no matter how amicable is tough. In this video Annette shares some tips and advice to help you prepare for separation and position yourself to achieve the best possible outcome.

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