Often one of the most difficult parts of separation and divorce is reaching agreement on financial matters.

Child Support & Spousal Maintenance


We can help you to work through the many different considerations surrounding child support, spousal maintenance and broader financial matters. Often our first course of action is mediation, to help you both reach an agreement outside of the courts. However, where agreement can’t be reached we are able to provide you with effective representation in the family court.

Child support

When it comes to child support, we can help you to:

  • prepare a Child Support Agreement
  • work through the Child Support assessment process
  • review and assess an Agreement prepared by another firm
  • provide you with sound advice.

Spousal Maintenance

Upon a separation, if one party has a need for maintenance to meet their reasonable needs, and their ex partner has a capacity to meet those needs from their income on a short or long term basis, then the court may order that spousal maintenance may be paid.

We can assist in negotiating such applications and if necessary seek orders from the Family or Federal Circuit Court for urgent maintenance.

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