Divorce and Separation

Separation and divorce is often an emotional and difficult process for all involved. We work to make it easier for you.

Our resolution focused approach will help you finalise your divorce sooner and more smoothly

Whilst applying for a divorce is a relatively simple process, the assistance of an experienced family lawyer can be invaluable – whether your separation and divorce is amicable… or not.

Even if you are both in agreement about the distribution of your assets or parenting arrangements – a family lawyer will help ensure your divorce goes smoothly, all the loose ends are tied up and the distribution of assets are legally finalised. All too often we see problems arise one or two years after a divorce, because Property Settlements or Parenting Arrangements aren’t documented and filed properly.

If you and your partner can’t agree on how property should be split, parenting arrangements or financial support matters – the support and advice we can provide will allow you to understand exactly how the law applies to your situation and what you could or should be entitled to. Unfortunately, family law is incredibly complex and just because your friend ‘Jane’ got x, y and z, or ‘Bob’ ended up paying spousal support – doesn’t mean you will.

What you can expect when you engage Lakey Family Law to represent you in divorce

It is fair to say that Divorce Lawyers have a bad reputation and are known for dragging divorces out unnecessarily and charging exorbitant fees. Let us assure you – we are different.


We listen and we care. We see it as our role to help you reach the best possible outcome, quickly and cost-effectively – so that you can move forward with your life.

Resolution Focussed

Our focus is on finding resolution. Where possible we look to achieve this outside of the courts. But when court is the only option, our focus remains the same.


A reasonable fee structure, combined with a focus on resolution, can mean that our services are far more cost-effective than most other family lawyers.

While every situation is different, at Lakey Family Law we work to help your divorce go as smoothly as possible so that everyone can move forward with their lives sooner.

How the process works

For most people, getting a divorce is a process that is filled with emotion. While we’re all familiar with the concept of divorce, many of us really don’t know how it works or where to start. While a divorce is the formal and official end to a marriage, it typically also involves:

Property Settlement

The distribution of your assets, which can include everything from your home, to furniture, pets, money, investments and superannuation to sentimental items. Learn more

Parenting Arrangements

If you have children, you need to have an agreement as to how you will share your parental responsibilities. Learn more

Financial Support

Depending on your circumstances, agreement may also need to be reached in terms of child and/or spousal support. Learn more

Many of us tend to think that all of these things come under divorce – but they’re actually quite separate – the key thing is that each of these should be resolved and finalised as part of your divorce, so that you can move on with your life.

Our focus in on helping you finalise your divorce as quickly and amicably as possible

Even when couples are able to reach agreement between themselves on their property settlement, parenting and financial support arrangement, it is important that the agreements are documented, ideally by an experienced family law firm like ours.

In many cases where the two parties don’t see eye to eye on these matters, having an experienced family lawyer, who has your interests at heart, is essential.

Generally speaking we encourage couples who are getting divorced to attempt to resolve these things through mediation – rather than leaving it to the courts to decide. But if you can’t reach agreement, our team has extensive experience representing clients in the family court of all matters related to divorce – so you can confident that you will receive the best representation possible.

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